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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 26, 2024 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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how did democrats pull off what would be an incredible trick to get voters to think republicans are responsible for this. >> the bipartisan bill should have passed. it was too little, too late. right now, tighten the policies with executive orders, and build the wall, adopt what trump did. people want action. they don't want partisan bickering and that is why it should have passed and the wall should be built. >> thank you. very much appreciated. catch me on fox business. the market has been rocketing. it is at new highs but there still may be time. i leave you in the capable hands of "the five."
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>> jesse: hello, i am jesse watters. 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." shocking details in the slaying of a georgian nursing student at the hands of a criminal illegal immigrant. the liberal media is trying to blame everything except joe biden's open border policies. she went out for a run but never return. cause of death, blunt force trauma to the head. cops charging the prime suspect for the murder. he is among the millions who the president let enter our country through the southern border back in 2,022. he had been living in new york city for over a year. in september, he was arrested and charged with child endangerment. the cops cut him loose before i
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scooted enter a detainer. joe biden has blood on his hands according to brian kemp. >> the southern border was open. you had people like greg abbott who have had to take the situation into their own hands and he has. you can see how to secure the border. this president and this czar of the border vice president did not do that and they were hoping the american people would ignore this issue and we have a dead woman because of it. >> the associated press is doing everything they can to avoid mentioning the suspect is illegal, referring to him as an athens resident and focusing on the dangers of women jogging alone. the killing of a nursing student out for a run, it highlights the fears of solo female athletes.
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sandra smith, you are a jogger. this is not what the story highlights, is it? >> that headline infuriates me. i love to run. as the message that because we have let illegal immigrants, some of which are part of these heinous crimes, including this one, where this man killed a 22-year-old college student, the now college students, young women, we are just supposed to change our activities? we are supposed to change our lives, adapt to this new normal that is men coming into this country and violently killing college students who feel like they are safe on campus. preparing for that interview earlier today, i pulled sound
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from kamala harris, this would have been when that man was walking over our border. kamala harris, the border is secure. the border is not open. in a hearing on the same date, they were asked if the border was secure. yes. not only were they ignoring the crisis then downplaying it, now, only to get involved when it has become a crisis and campaign issue for the reelection bid. use all the analysis out of south carolina. it is about immigration. you have more americans all over this country far from the border saying this is the most pressing issue facing our country today. parents are terrified this is coming to a college campus near their son or daughter. it is terrifying. >> they had this guy, not only at the border, but in new york.
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>> the amazing thing isn't september 22, it is the president has taken unprecedented action to make sure our border is secure. it is a lie. the amazing part of this is liberals end up demanding gun control after a shooting but they never demand border control after things like this happen. all the angel moms whose children's lives have been taken by people who should not be here. it is not difficult to to recognize, some of these people have tattoos but in the end, the white house doesn't care. where is joe biden talking about this? he is not saying one word. george floyd dies and there were
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27 or 28 texts out of the white house, but not for this. in the end, we have subjected ourselves to becoming victims because we have fewer police, fewer border patrol, we don't have a president who cares about us. it is a few weeks before the state of the union. he is going to say i am going to do something with executive action and defend americans because republicans won't. he will suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens and he could do that. this immigration bill they are going to reference, it allowed 5,000 in and did not do interpol check, fbi checks or have anything to do with people in the other country.
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the outline process for handling migrants at the border is something this president doesn't care about and we are becoming victims. mayor adams talked about sanctuary cities but he doesn't even know how to change new york from being a sanctuary city. he hasn't investigated it. the fact that ice is not allowed to lodge a detainer that would be respected with the police department is subjecting american citizens to illegalities. >> is this a turning point in this country? >> my fa heart goes out to the family. my prayers go out to her family. police officers here in new york who have been shot at by migrants, injured by migrants, these stories are rampant. we all deal in the solutions
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business and i try to stay anchored. president biden should do some things talked about around the table. he should suspend some class of people from being able to come into the country for two weeks. he should call back the leaders of the house and senate and say we are not leaving until we get a deal to make our border safer. i don't believe he can do it alone, otherwise there are others working furiously on a bill would not be doing it if the president could do it alone. you guys are adults, men and women. get back to washington, let this be the catalyst, that we are seeing these things happen around the country. don't come out of the white house, everyone checked their phones so they cannot be communicated to by anybody outside and we will all take credit and give credit to trump, if that's what he wants, but we
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need a new order security measures. otherwise, we are going to have more and more and more of these stories. i agree about the headline, but if we want to solve this or begin to, let's stop trying to take credit, stop dishing out blame and let's get to the solution of the problem. >> one of the ways that makes it harder to get a solution is the media frames it as a jogging scandal. >> as if she died from a stress fracture. imagine if you said george floyd died from a sentinel overdose. there was a media outcry and we were finding out that played a role. the fact this woman matters less in a woke world than george floyd and where the
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perceived killer is also a member of the oppressed, so you have to obliterate the truth. that is what the media did because they did not like the narrative so they had to keep the real story hidden. if there is justice, this story would end this administration. this is the turning point, the story that says i think the science is settled. a border matters. guess what, they said bad hombres. they didn't send their best. thanks for the memories. talking heads love to say continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. no, it is doing the same thing over and over again and claiming a different result is the definition of intentionality. the real argument is, if there are consistent, horrible outcomes from a system you
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claimed work, we have to assume it becomes an accepted byproduct to an intentional design. it is not we think it is fine, we don't think it is fine. the democrats have to talk their way out of this. when you look at the outcomes, human trafficking is an observable outcome. hordes of young men streaming across the border, these are observable outcomes. as they happen, they kept happening. if you are watching it happen, you can come to the conclusion that it is happening for a reason. why? why didn't it still -- why did it stop? it could have stopped. the moment he got rid of -- mexico, that is when it started. there is something else going
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on, despite protests of whether it is crime or riots and looting or illegal immigration, they tend to continue, which makes me think the design is intentional. >> shouldn't they come together to try to solve it? >> there have been people screaming for it and all it takes is a signature. i won't crow about it. i will just go -- great job. >> biden got rid of 94 executive orders. >> that signature might have to come in about nine months. gavin newsom giving a master class on how to suck up to joe biden. ♪ ♪ what can i do to make a better cotton crop? we believe that the best products are made in america
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>> california's governor giving a master class in the art of sucking up, defending president biden's fitness for office. >> what he has done in three years has been a master class. >> i have great confidence moving forward so the answer is, absolutely, all in. i have seen him from up close and from afar. it is because of his age that he has been so successful. >> there is a spin. >> he tries to reassure that his brain is not silly putty.
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let's not forget when abraham lincoln said this. >> he said we must address -- counsel and address the better angels of our nature and we do well to remember -- he said we are not enemies, but we are friends. >> forget about the better angels, get the visiting angels. jim clyburn is dismissing senior moments like that as the joe biden we all know and love. >> a guy who started all of his childhood into his adulthood and everybody knows his stuttering is what caused a lot of his speech impediments. we know that. has nothing to do with his brain. he stumbles one time and everybody says he is too old to
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be president. >> a master class and what? not wandering into traffic? >> newsom has three doors he can go into. one is that trump wins and gavin newsom runs, trump loses and kevin runs. both are good scenarios because he won't have to face trump and he will be able to dispatch of, love. what he doesn't want to do is get drafted into being the savior of the democratic party in case biden falls on his face. he will have to come in, face trump, and he will have to face kamala harris' problems. he has to be a good sport and sometimes you come across as shining the shoes of the president because you don't want to do anything that weakens the
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president or opens you up to let's play the switcheroo with the convention. he is playing a long game. clyburn, first they said joe biden was like fdr because of his policies. now they are comparing him -- fdr was also in a wheelchair. >> how convincing was he? >> i haven't figured out why gavin newsom wanted to be the point person for joe biden. it is fascinating. there is something in this for him. he gets himself in front of the public, but he thinks, he thinks biden should debate trump. if biden debates trump, it is a win-win. it is a win if biden wins, which i don't know is possible, but let's say he does. it is a win for newsom. if biden loses, newsom is out for the job. either way, he can say these
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wonderful things and he wins. his eye is on the prize. he has such an ego. he delivers lines that are so untrue and it blows my mind. joe biden used to be a stutterer. what does that have to do with what he said now? he can't read the paper in front of him. he has raised gas prices, food prices, sentinel deaths are up, illegal immigration is up, credit card debt is up. that is a master class on how to lose an election. >> newsom repeats the lie that biden created jobs, but he doesn't tell you who gets the jobs. all employment growth went to the foreign-born. that is from the center for immigration studies. >> it ignores the american worker who takes on a second or
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third job to pay for the inflation. prices are still up. the rate of growth is slowing. i revere his records, cut the tape and play that back to than 9 out of 10 republican voters in south carolina who said they feel they are holding steady or falling behind. if this is a record of one of the strongest economies ever that gavin newsom is touting, people are not feeling this. i don't think the stutterer led to a mistake in egypt and mexico, tripping on the steps of air force one. these are things the american public have seen and they can differentiate from a stutterer. >> you said look, we showed you it doesn't matter how
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significantly unwell our candidate is, we just need him to cross the finish line, even if we have to carry him across and then you hit me and it was totally unnecessary. >> we have to go to the tapes. you have been a supporter on federman. you might have had it wrong when you talked about the need not to judge people so quickly. our prayers go out to him. two things, gavin newsom is an effective advocate and surrogate for president biden. he would be one for anybody. he is smart and useful and understands the facts and he is able to compile and articulate these things that make him an effective advocate for the president. there has been record job growth and investment in the u.s. to build more, manufacture more, create things at home.
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you look at what we were like before coven, we are in a better position. this is the president trump, writing some of that, they would say that is not right to say the stock market is doing well that the economy is doing well. the dow, nasdaq, and s&p 500 are higher than before president biden started. they are finishing in record territory. >> if you are invested in the market, you are much richer today than you were three years ago. we can adjust for anything you want but i can assure you, we have all covered on our networks how your 401(k) may be up but hold on because the economy is doing better. here is the person that doesn't
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best for president biden, it is gavin newsom. trump talked about some of his surrogates, senator graham and scott, matt gaetz, marjorie taylor greene. the people have the right to whatever surrogate they want. if you rank them now, there is not a better surrogate for either candidate than gavin newsom. right now, there is not a better one. >> hunter biden will say no to help reelect joe. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> hunter biden raising the stakes on his addiction. he says he sees his sobriety as
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the key to keeping donald trump from winning the white house. he said i think of the profound consequences of failure. i have something bigger than myself at stake. we are in the middle of a fight for the future of democracy. a relapse would be very bad for the biden campaign. >> it would give anyone pause because he is concerned about his dad's political future and that is the reason we did not hear much from hunter biden. hunter changed strategy after the po plea deal unraveled and d this is a political fight. >> this seems like the right step, stay sober so dad can win the presidency.
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>> he has already relapsed. that wasn't jo's cocaine in the white house they found. it is p.r. trump has to be defeated or i will be back on crack. come on. he is a guy born on third base. not only does he think he hit a triple, he thinks he is a victim of russians. he traffic, hit the pipe, took videos of acts, posted them on the internet, took bribes and diamines from the chinese, laundered money and now he is saying he is not responsible for his actions? this is what the left says. everyone is a victim, no one is responsible. it is the system that is unfair and if you put democrats in charge, they will make everything okay. you have to suffer consequences
2:32 pm
for your actions and if you don't, the entire country is harmed. >> a slip by hunter would weigh heavily on his dad's reelection bid. >> he understands being sober has relevance. he doesn't want to harm his father's brand. he needs his father to win because he doesn't want a pesky attorney general looking at where all this foreign money is coming from and what it was being used for. he blows away his own defense all the time. he confirms he has been sober since june 2019 except he applied for the pistol permit and lied on it in 2018. there is not much he does that is not contradicted by facts and it is irrelevant whether he can find it or not. the truth is, he lied, have you
2:33 pm
ever been addicted to drugs and he said no and that is a lie and everybody knows it. he has a business organization based on access to his father. individual said his father considered going on a board that is connected to a chinese communist party and he is moving to dismiss tax charges, saying it is a six year record of changing charging decisions where they responded to the republicans. no, it is where they ran out the statute of limitations and when they got caught with a deal the department of justice had never made before, a judge called them out and they called him out on it. i am tired of him being a victim. he is a protagonist. >> does the future of democracy depend on him remaining sober? >> i hope not.
2:34 pm
he might be more concerned about his future if his dad loses. i don't think he is a great painter. he is right on one thing. he is no help to anyone when he is using. he should be saying that about his wife and kids as opposed to the country. that is a bit egotistical and narcissistic. you should probably be more concerned about the people who have relied on you and who you have betrayed, but let's take him at his word. he says -- we know he has been using for decades. let's say he quits. his brain is going to change and he thinks perhaps the sobriety will help him beat trump. what if when he is sober he realizes his dad should not be president and for his sake and the country, he should not even run. reality takes a different shape
2:35 pm
when you are sober. will he be honest about it? >> is this dependent on the future of democracy and is he making the case that his struggle is more difficult than others? he has responded to that criticism saying no, but it is undeniable that his path to sobriety has been unique. >> families and kids, having grown up in politics, should never be part of the political discussion. these things, i wish were not in the public vault. it is hard. i have never suffered an addiction but i know people who have. if you suffer from an addiction, any motivation, whatever the drive is to regain recovery, i supported as long as it is not illegal. some may quarrel with the
2:36 pm
motivation and some may quarrel that he shouldn't be using this, that the democracy is dependent upon him being sober, but whatever it is, it appears to be working. he appears to be staying away from drugs and alcohol. at the end of the day, i wish him the best and if it takes him saying democracy is what i need to help stay clean, god bless him. i wish him the best. >> did they ever figure out who's cocaine was in the white house? >> i hope it wasn't his. the answer to your question, i don't think so. >> a canceled culture come back. a host returns to host "snl" after they fired him. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> is "saturday night live" going anti-woe? they are bringing back a comedian to host over the week and after the show fired him back in 2019 for offensive jokes. shane earning praise for action being funny and pulling no punches in his opening mono monologue. >> i should not be here. i should be home, i should be a high school football coach. that is what i should be. every little boy is best their mom's best friend. she would hop in the van and i would say girl, tell me about your day. i would listen to her music. let's go, girls. i would dance for her. look at my little dancer.
2:42 pm
>> he is hosting "saturday night live." does that mean america is ready for a funny humor opposed to political correct humor? >> they cut the best sketch from the show, the liberty mutual emu sketch. you can catch it online. it is one of the funniest things they have done and they cut it. they left really bad skits in. not only was the monologue funny, honest, and real, it was refreshing and reveals how once you remove the woke filter, it forces you to censor, you remember what humor is like. i am sure the other cast members were like, why does he get to do it, not us? probably white privilege.
2:43 pm
i love how uncomfortable the crowd was. they weren't sure if they were supposed to laugh. my favorite part is the woman behind him who refused to laugh. it was like she was protesting. i was waiting for her to glue herself to the piano. the entire band was like this. they could not be seen to laugh. >> the "l.a. times" called his return a dangerous failure to learn from hate movements that blossomed during the trump era. >> i thought it was funny. i thought lorne michaels got caught up in the canceled culture hysteria and the show has not been good in a wild. they bring him back and it was funny. i liked what they did with the trump skit. instead of acting like he was hitler, they made fun of his buffoonish self-confidence.
2:44 pm
it was so self delusional and made everybody persuaded because if this guy believes that, maybe they should believe it to, then they had joe biden fall on his face. it is like an ice plunge. i did an ice plunge for about 4.5 minutes. >> you did not. >> when. >> society has to swim in the taboo and comedians have to do that to shock your system once in a while. shock the system after the first couple of seconds, it feels good. there are health benefits to that. >> where did you do that? >> in my jacuzzi. you can fill up your bathtub, to bang. >> if the politically correct cares, why don't they watch something else like we have been forced to watch politically correct humor the past few
2:45 pm
years? >> that explains the chill i felt when i sat down. people are happy to see real comedy back. we have had to watch greg every day. that is where you go for honesty. i meant that as a compliment. greg, people watch you for honesty. that is the funniest comedy, it is based in truth. we have gotten so far away from that that there is nothing funny other than greg gutfeld out there. the oversensitivity was killing us when we really needed to laugh the most. >> they made fun of biden and trump at the left is not happy with that. the left was like -- he did not
2:46 pm
go after trump enough. >> many successful comedians are provocative. they all rubbed people, some of the right way, some the wrong way. the best comedy makes you laugh and think. it might even make you feel uncomfortable. they are comedians, not politicians. view people in the most favorable light and if you don't like the company or humor, switch the channel. never happens with greg's channel, but those who suffer from this, switch the channel. >> up next, the dangers from working from home. a man facing jail time after overhearing his wife's were calls. ♪ ♪
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i'm katie porter and i approve this message. he's the hundred-percent pro-trump candidate for u.s. senate: republican eric early. always supports trump and the maga agenda. republican eric early. endorsed by the california pro-life council... ...opposed to all abortion. and eric early loves the second amendment. eric early. way more dangerous than steve garvey. he dodges trump. garvey even said he might vote for biden. republican eric early for u.s. senate. too maga. too trump. too dangerous.
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democrats agree. too maga. too trump. conservative republican steve garvey is the wrong choice for the senate. ...our republican opponent here on this stage has voted for donald trump twice. mr. garvey, you voted for him twice... as your own man, what is your decision? garvey is wrong for california. but garvey's surging in the polls. fox news says garvey would be a boost to republican control of the senate. stop garvey. adam schiff for senate. i'm adam schiff, and i approve this message. ♪ ♪ >> be careful what you overhear while family members work from home. a texas man made nearly $2 million from insider trading
2:51 pm
by snooping on his wife's calls. he bought nearly 50,000 shares of the acquired company stock ahead of the announcement. later he pled guilty to insider trading and faces up to five years in prison. >> this is the law. he broke the law. is this the right outcome? >> the husband is listening in on phone calls he should not be listening to. that is called insider trading. apparently the wife says -- he tells the company. my husband has been doing this and the company ends up firing her. which is appropriate. if you believe the wife had something to do with it. he buys almost 50,000 shares and says he bought it for his wife, he didn't want her to have to
2:52 pm
work so hard. >> she then divorced him after this. >> she wants to save her career. my instincts and i have no facts on this, they tell me when your husband is making that much money and treating so many shares and he gets caught but you tell your boss, it looks as though she is saying it because they already know about it and she is about to get caught so she blames him. >> you think she was in on it? >> the regulatory body came in and said we want a list of everybody in the know about this acquisition before it happened. maybe she didn't notice $2 million going into their bank account and that is possibly the case but if she knew about it, she was getting tipped off something was about to happen. there is a whole thing of this
2:53 pm
pillow talk securities fraud happening. there is nothing wrong with him knowing she is working this deal. what is wrong as him buying. >> it is legal in congress. i think it is the woman's fault. hear me out. she was too loud. you know how they are on the phone. you can't not hear it. she needs to be a little more discreet. you talk too loudly, judge. >> how do you feel? >> i am guilty of this myself. my wife is a fashion designer and i found out pleats were back before anybody else did. i used it to my advantage by going down to the gap.
2:54 pm
what are eaves and how do you drop them? "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> jesse: time now wore one more thick. greg? >> greg: what a great show 10:00 p.m. amazing. let's do this. greg's what's in the hole. time for a new game to guess what's in the hole. show the video to the panel. all right. there's the hole. what do you think is going to come out of that hole? judge? >> judge jeanine: a dog. >> harold? >> a bird. >> a baby. >> shannon: a rabbit. >> greg: okay. let's show what comes out of the hole. >> harold: uh-oh. >> judge jeanine: a bear! >> greg: thinking about doing a c section but he was able to squeeze out. [laughter]
2:59 pm
>> greg: house won't be able to keep its figure. >> shannon: oh my god. >> jesse: thanks, greg. >> greg: are welcome, jesse. >> jesse: legendary supermodel look at this shot from center right. >> shannon: wow. >> jesse: cindy crawford, haven't seen her in a long time. >> shannon: love her. >> greg: she says high. >> jesse: "jesse watters primetime" dr. phil will be on jesse watters at 8:00. not physically on me but on my show. >> harold: thank you for the clarification. >> judge jeanine: this baby boy is named lukeca. check out his reaction when he hears his dad's thunderous snore. [laughter] [snoring] >> his poor wife. >> harold: looks like you when i first started talking. all right, harold. jim, i hope i am pronouncing
3:00 pm
your name correctly. first woman to unprior spring training game in two decades. graduated from minor league baseball became the 7th woman to call a minor league game. her captain mask can be found in the hall of fame. expected for more games spring training if she gets the call up to the major leagues she will be the first woman to regular season umpire game. >> greg: help me, please. >> shannon: missouri firefighters saved a trapped bald eagle. they happen to be in the right place at the right time. they noticed injured eagle on a different call play laying in a ditch. once they finished the human emergency. took him back to the firehouse. and they got him into a rehabilitation. >> greg: first female bald eagle to be -- >> jesse: you go girl. you go, eagle. that's it for us have great night. >> bret: i could watch the baby reacting to the snoring a lot longer. just run that thank you.


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